Formatting Text

Each theme has a collection of fonts that are associated with it by default. You can change these for an entire book by clicking the Settings button at the bottom of the iPhoto window:

Then choose new fonts, styles, or sizes from the Settings box:

You can also modify the formatting of a particular block of text on a page.

Here is the standard text for a 3-photo layout in Modern Lines:

To change the text, select what you want to change, right or control-click the text, and choose Show Fonts in the pop-up menu that appears:

In the Fonts dialog box that appears, choose the font, size, and color you'd like to use for the text:

If you choose formatting that makes the text fall off the page, you'll get a warning icon:

And notice that if you change to another background, all your text formatting is lost:

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

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