How This Site Works

I've been trying to create some iPhoto books lately--such is the season--and I have a really hard time deciding which theme to use. Some of them have layouts with lots of pictures, some of them only have layouts with one or two pictures. You can't see which layouts are available until you choose the theme, and even then you only see a simplified view of the layout... and then many of the layouts change according to the original orientation of the photo. So I created this site so you can see what sample pages look like for each theme and for each layout, and for each type of photo.

Each theme's page begins with a description of the identifying characteristics of that theme, along with the basic sorts of layouts that are available. There is also a sample spread.

Next, there is a summary of the outside layouts (the cover and inside flap) and the inside layouts (both text and photo pages). These are just the options in the Layouts menu, but they're all right next to each other so that you can see at a glance what the possibilities are.

I then show you sample cover layouts--with real photos, since many themes offer multiple options for the cover. If the inside flap is out of the ordinary (mostly they're pretty standard), I also show you what the inside flap will look like.

The next sections cover each of the inner layouts, one by one. If the layout depends significantly on the original orientation of the photo, I show you the options that you can create by choosing the appropriate orientation. If there are lots and lots of layouts, I refer to them by the little number that appears next to them in the pop-up menu (which also indicates the order in which they appear).

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

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