Introduction Page

As of iPhoto '09, most iPhoto Book Themes have three kinds of introduction or text pages. There really is no good reason to call them introductions, as they can just as easily be used in the middle or end of the book. Still, that's what Apple calls them, so I'll follow suit.

The default fonts used in the introduction pages depend on the iPhoto Book Theme that you've chosen. The screenshots below were taken from Picture Book, which uses Helvetica Neue.

The first introduction page has a large header and a single paragraph of text.

The second standard introduction page has a single paragraph of text, but no header.

The third standard introduction page has two columns of text, but no header.

A few book themes have special introduction pages, and a few more don't offer all three of the choices listed here. Details are specified on the page for each theme.

Be careful when experimenting with different introduction pages. If the text box containing your carefully written prose doesn't exist on the new layout, your text will simply disappear. I save mine in an external file while I'm futzing, just to be sure.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

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